What is the cost to attend?

Classes are $5.00 on a pay as you go basis with the first session being free.

What do I wear to dance?

For classes, comfortable clothing with soft soled comfortable shoes for the beginner which may be exchanged for the traditional "ghillie "for men or women or a dancing pump for women as the dancers become more experienced.

Do I need a partner?

No, as stated in the explanation of country dance, most dancing is done with a different partner for each dance and danced in parallel lines across from each other.

What type of music is used?

Dances are done in Reel time, Jig time, or Strathspey time from recorded music in the classes and live music is provided for most of the social dances and balls.

What are the basic steps?

They fall into two categories, traveling steps and setting steps all of which are danced on the balls of the feet with the heels off the floor. Country dances are composed of formations which are arranged in different sequences to form specific dances.

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